Introducing Aim: Securing the GenAI Revolution

Matan Getz
April 16, 2024
5 min read
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Generative AI technology has the potential to dramatically alter almost every aspect of modern business. From productivity to connectivity, this revolution is expected to push humanity forward, into a new technological era that will impact our daily lives. As security professionals and early adopters of AI technology, we witnessed the mixed reception of GenAI tools by security professionals and became concerned about the possibility of companies obstructing its adoption or restricting its use. It was unbearable to us to think that such innovation would be siloed or curtailed due to fear, misunderstanding or risk aversion. Our mission at Aim is to enable secure adoption of GenAI for all of its benefits while ensuring that its unique risks are addressed, managed and mitigated so that security teams will become true business enablers. 

Adir and I saw the emergence of AI technology years ago and knew that securing it for widespread use would be a game changer for modern enterprises. Starting out, my goal as the former CIO at Unit 8200 in the Israeli Intelligence Corps was to make data accessible to all employees and stakeholders, using various technologies that were innovative at the time and allowed wide access to organizational data. When Generative AI was born, we immediately understood the opportunity but had enough experience to understand the risks. I found the ultimate partner in my co-founder and CTO, Adir - a cybersecurity genius who likes to break things and build them better, to scale. With a $10M seed round from YL Ventures and additional industry leaders, we set out to make GenAI secure.

While Generative AI began as an insider technology for early adopters who thrive on cutting-edge innovation, we saw ChatGPT come onto the scene and raise awareness of GenAI and its functionality as an easy-to-use chatbot. Sparking the interest and imagination of forward-thinking business executives, it was soon clear that this technology's sheer amount of power cannot - and should not - be harnessed, not even for security’s sake. We wanted this to be the first time that security professionals across all industries - including the most conservative and heavily regulated in the market - could be the ones to drive the adoption of groundbreaking technology for business purposes, instead of restricting it. 

Securing the unique and unexplored risks of GenAI use in enterprises requires more than a new feature in a generic security tool. A holistic security platform specifically dedicated to managing, governing and securing the breadth of GenAI use in enterprises is the number one requirement of Aim’s customers. They were finally able to see in real-time which GenAI apps are used by their employees and their developers, be alerted about sensitive data entered into an LLM, detect unauthorized access to this data and leverage GenAI to enhance production applications - safely. 

Standing on the edge of innovation is where Aim is most comfortable, leading and partnering with CISOs who share our vision and wish to be GenAI trailblazers, forming and shaping the GenAI revolution and its long-term effects in the future.