BlackHat 2024? Let's talk about how your enterprise can unleash the benefits of GenAI, securely.
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360-Degree GenAI Security

From visibility to remediation, secure organizational GenAI use while leveraging your existing security environment.

Know where your GenAI is. Get a comprehensive inventory of all GenAI apps across the entire organization.
Manage your GenAI risk. See what applications can store and learn on your data, and understand what data is connected to which LLM.
Gain insights on GenAI adoption over time, with Aim’s continuous business-critical insights.
Audit all data shared and retrieved from GenAI providers and apps.
Uncover prompts that contain sensitive data or violate your company policy.
Alert on malicious prompts to identify GenAI attacks like prompt injections and jailbreaks. Find model outputs that contain malicious code.
Comply with data privacy and GenAI regulations to ensure full adherence to international standards.
Verify that GenAI use is in line with your custom policies. Align with industry-specific regulations (healthcare, finance, HR, legal), tailored to your specific requirements.
Place data authorization boundaries when connecting GenAI tools to your enterprise knowledge base, to ensure employee use of LLMs is limited to data they are allowed to access.
Securely connect data assets to your organizational LLM, with appropriate configurations.
Deploy Copilots securely in your environment by employing automatic pen-testing to proactively and continuously validate their access to your organizational data.
Establish GenAI security best practices within the models you use and build and remediate any misconfigurations in your GenAI services.

GenAI use is everywhere.
So is its risk surface.

Public GenAI Protection

Aim empowers enterprises to securely leverage public GenAI technology. Discover all shadow GenAI tools, reveal their risks and apply real-time data protection policies.

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Mitigated risks:

Data Leakage
IP and Copyright Infringement
Malicious outputs

Enterprise GenAI Security

Aim secures your internal LLM deployment. Enable the hyper-productivity of Copilots, and let Aim secure them by eliminating misconfigurations, detecting threats and fortifying trust boundaries.

Microsoft Copilot
Amazon Q
ChatGPT Enterprise

Mitigated risks:

Sensitive information disclosure
Insecure configuration
Violation of privacy and AI regulations

Homegrown GenAI Application Security

Aim protects the GenAI-based applications you build and run, making all inputs immune to prompt injections, jailbreaks and other LLM vulnerabilities.

Azure OpenAI
Amazon Bedrock
Google Vertex

Mitigated risks:

Adversarial prompting attacks
(Prompt Injection and Jailbreak)
Excessive Agency
Insecure output handling
"Aim gives us CISOs a real opportunity to be early adopters of technology that will change business"
Frank Kim
Fellow, SANS Institute
“Reconciling innovation with security in a heavily regulated industry like healthcare can be tricky, but Aim’s business-forward approach to security gives Aim’s customers the ability to adopt groundbreaking tech while also ensuring that they have the most effective security guardrails in place.”
Gil Shklarski
CTO at Thirty Madison
“Existing tools can’t secure proprietary, regulated data in the GenAI age. A new, innovative platform is needed to address the unique GenAI challenges. Aim is exactly what you need in your current security stack, to ensure your data is protected.”
Yair Grindlinger
Former SVP of Product at Proofpoint
“The pivotal role of security in shaping the deployment architecture and establishing policy cannot be overstated. I am delighted to have Aim's expertise guiding us through this crucial process.”
Elie AbenMoha
CISO at a Global1000 media company
“As a pioneer in the enterprise GenAI transformation, I believe this revolution cannot be unleashed without appropriate security guardrails and governance for responsible, secure adoption. Aim is paving the way by providing a solution that does this, seamlessly.”
Ori Goshen
Co-CEO and Co-founder of AI21 Labs
“Aim secures the entire breadth of our GenAI use, no matter where it is applied and helps us enforce the guardrails that fit our industry regulations and protect our customers’ data.”
Drew Robertson
CISO at Finance of America
“Generative AI is the future of business, and can’t be secured using traditional security strategies and tools. Aim introduces an entirely new, holistic approach and specific expertise to secure the unique risks of GenAI, with a quick time-to-value and a streamlined approach.”
Michael Sutton
Former CISO at Zscaler
“Aim helps us verify that sensitive data isn’t leaked to public GenAI tools and provides a secure alternative, making us true business enablers. With Aim, we can protect our customers’ sensitive and private data, while accelerating our GenAI adoption.”
Sarah Hendrickson
CISO at Cerebral
“Aim gives us complete visibility of employee GenAI usage, with proactive guardrails and preventive controls, elevating the MIO Information Security team as a business enabler. Aim’s business-forward approach and nimbleness served a critical role in MIO’s GenAI Exploration Committee - helping us shape our GenAI strategy rooted in a strong security foundation.”
Israel Bryski
CISO at MIO Partners, Inc.

GenAI Insights and Risk Report

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Enterprise-level GenAI
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Consumes audit logs and detections in SIEM
Easily integrates into current enterprise GenAI stack
Connects to business workflows with SAML, SCIM and RBAC

Aim is your partner for the secure GenAI adoption journey

Adoption of GenAI technology grows on a massive scale, with unique risks and opportunities. Shine a light on your GenAI risk surface.